Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is another really great classic drink that anyone can enjoy. It really allows some great flavors to shine through, the gin and lime compliment each other like no other drink, but first I recommend that you make your own lime cordial rather than using either Rose’s Lime Cordial, or just lime juice and simple syrup, it makes the drink so much better and the recipe for the cordial will make more than any amount of Rose’s you can buy. Remember patience is a must if want top quality drinks.

Lime Cordial Recipe:

18 Good Plump Limes, I know it sounds like a lot but you’ll need every one of them.
2 ½ Cups of Sugar
2 ½ Cups of Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice told you you’d need 18 limes.
1 lb of fresh ginger root (optional)

Peel all 18 of the limes with either a vegetable peeler or a y-peeler, try to peel only the zest and leave as much of the pith on the lime as possible. You’ll need all the zest that you get, just set it aside you’ll use it later. Once you’ve finished peeling all the limes you’ll then need to juice them all, this should yield the 2 ½ cups you need. Put the fresh lime juice in a container that can be covered. Once you have all the lime juice add the 2 ½ cups of sugar directly to it and stir until dissolved. Once the sugar has dissolved add one handful at a time of the lime zest to the mixture, squeezing the zest to release the oils before you add it to the juice. If you’re not using the ginger cover the mixture and put it in the refrigerator over night. Once you take it out strain it and put it into something that you can serve it out of. If you went the ginger route, which I recommend, the only thing you need to do differently is pulse the ginger root whole in a food processor and add it to the lime juice mixture before putting it in the fridge.

Ok now you’re ready for a drink.

2 oz Gin (I use Plymouth)
¾ oz Lime Cordial
Lime Wedge for garnish

Combine the gin and cordial in an ice filler shaker and shake hard but briefly. Strain into an ice filled rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wedge, but not before you rub the rim of the glass with the lime, this is very important.


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