Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sloe Gin Fizz

The Sloe Gin Fizz is a great anytime drink, it’s perfect for a hot summer day, or for a cold winter afternoon. Sloe gin gets its flavor from sloe berries, which grow on Hawthorn bushes in the English countryside, they are related to plums and are sometimes referred to as sloe plums or Hawthorn plums. The berries are harvested in early winter and are soaked in gin then a small amount of sugar is added. They allow the berries to soak for up to four months and then it is bottled. The taste is sweet, fruity, and slightly floral and also has a hint of almond flavor that comes from the stone of the fruit. There are many applications for sloe gin but the Sloe Gin Fizz is a classic. It’s easy to build and trust me you won’t be able to stop at one, at least I can’t.

1 oz Gin (I use Brokers, but use what you have)
1 oz Sloe Gin (Plymouth)
1 oz Simple Syrup
¾ oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
Soda Water
Mint leaves for garnish

Combine all except soda water in an iced cocktail shaker and shake hard for 10 seconds. Double strain into an ice filled Collins glass then top with soda water, and garnish with several rolled mint leaves. Make sure anytime you use mint as a garnish you either take the sprig in one hand and slap it several times against the palm of your opposite hand or you place the leaves in the palm of one hand and slap them with your other hand. This process releases the oils in the leaves and gives you that great aroma you’re looking for.

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